Thanksgiving for the birth of a Child

Hopefully you have read the article above, and as a result may be thinking about a Service of Thanksgiving as a valid choice?

Or perhaps you are still unsure and the idea has raised your curiosity?

A Service of Thanksgiving is a short, simple and beautiful liturgy which makes no demands of belief or commitment from the parents. Instead, it expresses our deepest wishes and desires for this child, and pronounces the blessing of God on this child and their family.

It is a meaningful liturgy which brings together the past and the present, blesses the child and reveals God’s love. Not only is the child blessed (from top to toes), but we also bless Parents, Grandparents and Godparents.

This Service of Thanksgiving can take place at a time that is suitable to the family upon negotiation with the Priest or Deacon.

It can be carried out within one of our Church buildings, or at a suitable place that is special to your family such as a park, or even your own home.

It is a great choice for those who are not able to commit to participation in Christian community at this time, and can be honest about it, but do desire to reflect their faith and belief in a loving God, who welcomes everyone.

Call our Parish office for further information.

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