Baptism of Infants

Baptism – an important choice

Life is certainly an amazing journey. The birth of children can transform our whole world and reveal the wonder and mystery of the journey of life. It can also make us reflect upon our choices in life, and how we want to raise our child.

Do we want them to be raised as Christians?

Often after the birth of a child parents contemplate having their baby baptised, or “Christened”. They may choose to do so because that was what was done to them, or perhaps because it is a family tradition? However, it is a choice that is importantly about expressing our faith and belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and God, and reveals an important choice about how we want to live.

Baptism, a little like getting married, is about choosing to enter into relationship. We enter into relationship with God, and we choose to show our love of God through participation in Christian community (coming to Church and getting involved in the life of other Christians) and by serving others (caring for the poor, speaking out for injustice, contributing to make a better world).

The promises made in baptism are just as important as those in marriage for Christians, and so baptism is therefore a very serious choice. It is not to be entered into lightly. The choices we make in life reflect the sort of person we are. If we make promises, we want to be seen as people who can keep them, to demonstrate their importance to our children – and to show our children that when we make promises to them, and for them, we mean them and keep them.

Our choices then need to be “informed” choices, and not made just because it is what we have always done, or because it is what others want – they have to be choices we can live by, and so we need to understand them before we say “I do”. 🙂

To help you make an informed choice, and to ensure we are “all on the same page”, we would encourage you to download a booklet called “About Baptism” – Download a copy of About Baptism.

Please take a read, and perhaps have a discussion with your family about what is raised in the booklet. We would also like to be a part of this conversation – you will undoubtedly have questions – so, please give the Parish Office a call to make an appointment with our Rector.


If you have read the above document (“About Baptism”) and wish to pursue baptism then we look forward to talking further with you – and are very excited about the journey we are about to walk together upon.

We will work with you to explore a process that leads up to Baptism within the Christian community, and put some plans in place that will help you to grow and be nurtured in the faith.

Part of the process is about getting to know one another, which happens through coming to Church and participating in the life of our community.

We will also work with you to develop ways to support you in this. This may involve some instruction. It will also certainly involve participation in the life and work of the Church.

We know, from our own life experiences, that being a person of faith in a secular world is not an easy journey. Church is therefore about supporting one another on that journey. Part of your journey will be to be paired up with someone who will walk alongside you in the journey.

We truly hope and pray that you will consider such a journey – we know it is not an easy one, but the rewards of being a disciple of Jesus, and a member of his Church, are beyond comprehension – peace, love, hope, joy, grace, compassion, mercy, justice, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, self-control. . .

If you have further questions, or would like further information – please contact our Parish office (02 6937 7522) to make a time to meet up with our Rector. We would welcome the opportunity.

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