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St Luke's Preschool

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St Luke's Preschool

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St Luke's Preschool

st lukes preschool

St Luke's Preschool is conveniently located in the CBD close to the medical precinct.

70 Docker St, Wagga Wagga 2650

P: 02 6925 2840


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For more detailed information please refer to our 2019 Handbook

If you are interested in a position at St Luke's Preschool please
Phone us or
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St Luke's Preschool

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St Luke's Preschool

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St Luke's Preschool

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St Luke's Preschool

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St Luke's Preschool

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St Luke's Preschool


"Two unique preschools offering a Christian environment with experienced educators and a quality preschool program"

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• Large outdoor natural learning environments

No charge on public holidays

• High quality preschool program

Extended hours available

• Highly trained experienced educators

• 3 - 5 year olds

• Learning through creative play

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Play is an important part of learning and children are encouraged to learn in creative ways that engage their imagination and develop a sense of curiosity.

Our internal play spaces, such as home corner, book corner, blocks shelf, along with the collage and drawing tables are wonderful spaces for the children to learn as  and imagine whilst being supported by our educators. Inside children can paint, roll out some playdough and use glitter glue to their hearts content!

This is matched by our natural outdoor learning environment where children can explore in the sand pit, mud kitchen, vegetable garden and tee pee areas. The resident chickens are an important part of our environment.

There is plenty of open space to climb, make a cubby house, blow bubbles and most importantly use your imagination.  Children can climb, dig in the garden, make ‘mud-cakes’, build castles or create masterpieces from the natural environment. Getting dirty or wet is all part of learning at our Preschools.

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Click below for nutritious lunch box ideas from Murrumbidgee Local Health District

Murrumbidgee Local Health District suggested lunch box ideas

To help keep your children safe visit

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Click below for our Preschool policies

2.10M Sun Protection     2.11M Water Safety 2.2M Child Protection Wagga  2.9M Nutrition Food Beverages & Dietary Requirements   2.8M Medical Conditions

2.7M Dealing with Infectious Diseases    1-1m-transition-to-school  2-1m-delivery-collection-of-children  2-3m-emergency-and-evacuation 2-4m-excursions

2-5m-first-aid  2-6m-incident-injury-trauma-illness

7.4M Fees     7.3M Confidentiality   7.2M Complaints Handling   7.1M Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation   6.2 Family Participation and Communication 6.1M Enrolment & Orientation   5.1M Interactions with Children   2.15 Supervision   2.14M Safe Sleep Rest Time


St Mary's Rainbow Preschool


St Mary's Rainbow Preschool

St Mary's Rainbow Preschool Tee Pee

St Mary's Rainbow Preschool 

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St Mary's Rainbow Preschool is an easy 4 minute drive from Fitzmaurice Street.

2 George St, Wagga Wagga 2650

P: 02 6921 3968


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For more detailed information please refer to our handbook  2019 Handbook SMRP

 If you are interested in a position at St Mary's Rainbow Preschool
Please phone us or
fill in the Waiting List Form and return to us via email or
fill in the online form

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St Mary's Rainbow Preschool

St Marys turtle

St Mary's Rainbow Preschool

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St Mary's Rainbow Preschool

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St Mary's Rainbow Preschool

St Marys painting

St Mary's Rainbow Preschool