Parish Activities and Outreach

Wagga Base Hospital Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in our hospitals provides spiritual and emotional care for patients, their families and staff.

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The Pastoral Care service operates as part of the Hospital Community helping to create an environment which respects and enhances the dignity and self worth of all.

The team offers a listening ear and are companions on the way to healing.

There is opportunity to serve God in both of our hospitals – Wagga Wagga Base and Calvary – in a variety of ways.

Firstly as an Anglican visitor to Anglican patients.
Secondly as a Ward visitor visiting all patients. This is particularly the case with specialist wards such as Paediatrics, Rehab etc.
Thirdly to bring the Sacrament out from the Eucharist to the sick on Sunday.

The Rev’d Leonie White, Chaplain to the Wagga Wagga Base Hospital and Anglican Chaplain to Calvary Hospital coordinates this ministry.

Loreto Home of Compassion Chaplaincy

The Rev’d Gavin Krebs  is the Anglican Chaplain at Loreto. He visits the residents on Monday and is responsible for pastoral care to residents, their families and staff.

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An Anglican communion service is held each Monday at 10:30am in the Loreto Chapel. Anyone is welcome to attend the service. Bedside communion is offered to those unable to attend the service.

Mary Potter Nursing Home Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care at Mary Potter nursing Home is currently carried out by the Parish Ministry Team and chaplaincy is provided by the Rev’d Gavin Krebs.

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Pastoral care is extended to residents, families, staff and those in “out-of-home” care. Pastoral visits are made by appointment.

An Anglican communion service is held each Friday at 11:00am in the Tony Ireland Room. Anyone is welcome to attend the service. Bedside communion is offered to those unable to attend the service.

Parish Pantry

The Anglican Parish of Wagga Wagga provides assistance to many families and individuals every year who have difficulty obtaining basic food and necessities due to economic and personal circumstance.

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This ministry is funded by the parish and through the generosity of local organizations and clubs. We always welcome donations of non-perishable food items which can be dropped at our Parish Office.

This assistance comes in the form of non perishable food and personal items.

The ministry is accessed from the Ashmont Community Centre at the corner of Tobruk and Blakemore Streets, Ashmont from 9:00am to 3pm on Monday to Thursday of each week.

Parish Opportunity Shop

Our Parish Opportunity Shop is located at 23/25 Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga. Our friendly voluntary staff sell quality clothing, bric-a-brac, books and much more.

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All funds from the Op Shop are used by the Parish for mission and ministry to the wider community of Wagga Wagga.

Donations of clean quality second hand items are always appreciated.

We are always looking for volunteers to help out!

Anglicare Riverina

Our Parish works in partnership with Anglicare Riverina. We share an office with them as well! Anglicare does amazing work across our community of Wagga Wagga.

St John’s Choir

St John’s Choir is an active part of the worship at the 9:00am Sunday Service at St John’s.

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The choir sings on the first and third Sunday’s of each month, plus special feasts and events. The choir occasionally sings for weddings, funerals and for other special services when requested. The repertoire includes a variety of SATB items as well as two-part anthems, unison works and the occasional plainsong chant.

On a usual Sunday, the choir sings a setting of the Eucharist, four hymns, a psalm (set to Anglican chant) and a motet during communion.

Rehearsals are held every Thursday evening from 7.00pm.

All people are welcome to join the choir. The choir enjoys an active social life which includes many dinners, Sunday brunch, and the famous Christmas Party!

Hand Bell Ringers

The Hand bell Ringers meet on Thursday, between 2:30pm and 4:00pm, in the Parish Meeting Room at St John’s Church.

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Hand bells are rung as part of worship from time to time, for various celebrations, and for us – it is all about having fun together!

If you are interested in joining: come, listen, and have a yarn. It is not necessary to be able to read music. Tuition would be given, taking small steps at a time.

We are a dedicated, friendly, supportive, happy, group. You will find many blessings, fun and enjoyment. The important thing is to not fall over laughing when we make some unusual noises.

Tower Bell Ringers

In 1994 Ron Shepherd, a prominent Sydney bell ringer proposed that a set of eight bells should be installed at St Johns Church.

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Ron’s vision was of a string of churches stretching from Melbourne to Sydney, each with a full ring of bells. It was determined that the project should be completed to mark the sesqui-centenary of the Parish (2005). It is a credit to all concerned that the installation of the last two bells, which saw the project complete, actually took place in 1999.

The installation of the bells took place in three phases. Firstly, the original service bell (bell 7) was supplemented with a tenor (bell 8) and bells 6 and 5. These were installed in mid-1995. Bells 3 and 4 were installed and hallowed in 1997. Finally, bells 1 and 2 were installed in 1999. The whole project was made possible by financial donations, volunteer help and willingness on the part of many overseas contacts to assist with locating and transporting the bells. Our contacts in the UK were particularly important. The bells were named partly to indicate their historical associations and partly to commemorate and honour other churches in the Parish of Wagga Wagga. One of the bells, St Paul, was for a time the oldest bell in use in Australia, having been cast by John Rudhall of Gloucester in 1792.

The ringing of church bells is an announcement to the community of good news. We have eight bells installed in the tower at St Johns and a band of faithful ringers who ring the bells after the service at 8.30 am on Sunday. We are also available to ring for weddings and for other formal occasions such as ANZAC Day, to welcome in the New Year and even for funerals. The sound of half-muffled bells can be particularly moving.

There are many aspects of bell ringing that attract ringers. Service to the Church and to the community in which it finds itself are important, but many find the traditions of bell ringing and its fascinating history important as well. Interestingly, mathematicians and other academics find the variations and combinations of bell ringing sequences of great fascination. We would welcome new “ringers” to our Tower Team. All one needs to ring tower bells is an interest in working as a team and some sense of timing and coordination. You don’t even need to be particularly physically active. We welcome anyone with a passion for bell ringing to come and grab a rope – figuratively at least. We invite you to join us at our Tuesday practice night between 6 and 7 pm.

Activity Group

The Parish Activity Group takes place every Wednesday from 9:30am to 2:00pm for members of the community who are frail, lonely, or in need of company.

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Volunteers pick up residents from local homes for a day packed with singing, laughter, good food, wonderful games and great company. There is also a service of Holy Communion at 11:00am in the Parish Meeting Room – all are welcome to attend this.

Anglican Women

Anglican Women meet together on the first Friday of each month from 10:00am to 12noon. All welcome.

Creators Hands

We meet together once a month. Our aim is to complete some of those craft projects we all have in a cupboard! More importantly we meet over a cuppa and some good food. We usually meet on a Saturday afternoon at 2:00pm – see the Parish calender for further dates.

Prayer Chain

Prayer is not easy to explain – but it works. When we pray for one another it shows that we care, and that we want God to know our hearts’ desires, concerns and needs.

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The Anglican Parish of Wagga Wagga has a deep concern for the wellbeing of our community. We believe in the power of prayer and offer to pray for you, and for those who are in your heart and on your mind.

This is a gift – no strings attached, no gimmicks, and no hassles.

So, is there something that you need prayer for? Maybe it is for your wellbeing? For peace? For hopes and dreams? For brokenness or pain? To offer thanks for blessings?

Whatever your genuine need, we are happy to pray for you.

You can be completely anonymous, or you can let us know who you are. It is totally up to you. Your information will be kept confidential and only shared by members of the Prayer Chain.

However, the more information you give, the more specific our prayer can be.

Feel free to shoot us an email with your prayer request.

We pray that God will bless you this day, and every day.

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