Baptism Q & A

What is baptism?

Baptism is the gift of our Lord Jesus Christ when he had risen from the dead, he commanded his followers to make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Baptism with water signifies the cleansing from sin that Jesus’ death makes possible, and the new life that God gives us through the Holy Spirit. In baptism, the promises of God are visibly signed and sealed for us. They join us to Christ and make us members of his body the church universal.

When are baptisms conducted?

We conduct baptisms on a Sunday at 11.00am.

How many Godparents should I choose?

It is usual for parents to choose three people to support them in the care of their child, and it is customary for two to be of the same gender as the child and one to be of the opposite gender. However, you are welcome to choose additional godparents if you would like. If you are an adult coming for Baptism, you are welcome to choose sponsors to support you and to take part in the baptism service with you.

What is the role of the sponsor or godparent at Baptism?

The role of the godparent or sponsor at the baptism of a child is to join with the parents in presenting the child and to be a help and support to the child in growing in faith and living the Christian life.

How much does a baptism cost?

Because baptism is a gift from God, we do not set a fee. However, it is traditional to give a donation to the priest and to the church.  If you would to give a donation now please click on the button below.

What clothing is appropriate?

While it is traditional for both males and females to wear white christening gowns, we do not require it. A simple white garment is fine and even coloured outfits are now acceptable.

If an adult is being baptised a collared shirt for men and a blouse that covers the shoulders are good choices for women.

What is an appropriate gift to give a person being baptised?

It’s traditional for a cross or Christian symbol to be purchased by either the parents or godparents when a person is baptised. If you are looking for an appropriate gift, a small collection of handcrafted crosses and jewelry based on the imagery found in St John’s church can be purchased from the church office or our website.

When should I plan for my baby’s baptism?

It is never too early. Many families plan for the baptism while they are pregnant.

Some family and friends have used the name “Christen” is that the same as baptism?

A Christening is another name for baptism.